Nessimë writes: Went down to the cafe at work, did the stealth thing and stole the souvenir mag to delight over at my desk. It covers the following articles:

A time for hearts to pound again

The new armies of The Two Towers

New faces in The Two Towers: Faramir

Other ‘new faces’ that they talk about include King Theoden, Grima Wormtongue, Eomer, and Gamling.

There is an article on “The Creatures” (Gollum and Treebeard), an article on “The Frocks” (Arwen’s and Eowyn’s dresses), there is a small part on the locations, a Middle Earth map of the journey of the Fellowship, an article on Eowyn/Miranda Otto entitled “The Warrior Woman”, an article on Saruman/Christopher Lee entitled “The Evil Wizard”, and finally a piec on “The Story – Shaking Middle-Earth’s middle” which talks about changes and the script.

There are also some excellent ads in there including the LotR exhibition at Te Papa between 19 December – 28 February ( and also found through, the books and DVD (The Collector’s Edition is $179.99 – save $20 *ouch*). There are some adverts for tertiary courses in NZ in regards to media, sfx, makeup artistry etc.

The soundtrack is out, with one of five collector cards in each one.

There is also a “Safari of the Rings” – A 4X4 tour visiting locations (, and an advert for Brinkley Village ( where PJ and the actors stayed. Further information on this area or “stunning film locations” for screen production companies are given as and This last information is more generalised than LotR.

Now that I’ve had my LotR fix for the day, I guess I’d better get back to work. Hope you have a great day – mine has certainly started out the right way!