Wow did you guys also find it hard to keep up with all the The Two Towers-reviews floating in over the past week or so? Well we here at TORn certainly did so we decided to get them all together in one newsstory so you can take your time and browse through them all!


Another note upfront: I have not read a single review of the ones down here because of the simple reason I want to stay unspoiled and make up my own opinion after I see the movie, so I won’t be able to tell you much about these reviews..

Anyway, off we go! The first review to appear online was from a visitor of, you can check it out here! If you want to know more read through the talkback-section, some questions from Talkbackers are answered there…

Next up was a great (or so I heard) review from LightsOutEntertainment, definitly worth a read and you can find it here! Be sure to also read through the two FAQ’s they have compiled after the emailwave they must have gotten!

A ‘stuffed with spoilers’-review of The Two Towers written by someone who attended the Writers Guild screening can be read here, it’s not recommended to read this one if you would like to remain at least a little bit story-spoiler free.

Refreshingly enough there are also people who wrote a review that didn’t feature a lot of spoilers. One of those can be read here. It deals mainly with the actors perfomances and has some minor Helms Deep spoilerish thnigs inside.

The guys from also wrote up a review, appearently it’s quite enjoyable! Find out for yourself by clicking this link right here!

Someone who attended a New York screening earlier this week wrote in a review which can be found here, it contains the usual ammount of spoilers so I steered clear of it..

Now there was much writing about the MTV ‘Movie House’ screening of TTT, most of them weren’t very positive about how MTV handled it. Someone nicked Sarumann wrote up two reviews after the screening; one of them spoilerfree and one filled with spoilers so take you pick! Both can be found right here!

Fox News reviewed the movie as well, (It was written by no other then Roger Friendman) and it was very positive! Naming TTT ‘a big hit and Oscar nominee’! Read all about it here!

Another spoilerfree review written by Nerdanel can be found, read and enjoyed here!

Well-known entertainment columnist David Poland chimes in with his (extremely positive) full review of The Two Towers, calling it “a near-perfect piece of filmmaking.” Read the review here!

Someone wrote in from Norway (yes they are also having screenings of The Two Towers there) with a nice review. Click me to read the review!

updated!: Entertainment Weekly also wrote up a review, but they only gave it a ‘B’ so I don’t think they liked it very much, nevertheless you can find it here. Edit: okay I spoke too soon; the review was actually written by Owen Gleiberman (sorry Owen!), thanks to Anya for setting me straight!

updated!: Sky (UK’s biggest satellite broadcaster) also reviewed The Two Towers, read their review here!

updated!: Barliman’s chat regular, IRHobbitish, was lucky enough to win tickets from a local radio station to the press preview of TTT in Salt Lake City. So, here goes for another (spoiler-packed) review of The Two Towers. [More]

updated! Here’s a review from Ronald Epstein at Spoilers and pictures! [More]

updated! Ringer Spy Hackenbush submits this spoilerish review. “Andy Serkis and Weta digital turn in a performance that makes Yoda look as exciting as a game of Pong,” he writes. [More]

updated! Hollywood Reporter apparently loves Two Towers. “Well on its way to becoming one of the greatest achievements in cinema history,” gushes the writer. [More]

updated!: also has a review online, it has pretty much the same highlights and ‘lowpoints’ as all the other reviews, check it out here!

updated!: and another review that dropped in my mailbox today is from, you can read it here!