Richard writes:

There’s a short article on The Two Towers at
Entertainment Tonight’s website. There will also be a look at The Two Towers New York Premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Dec. 6. This shows airs at around 7:00 or 7:30pm across the US on a local channel. More]

The E! News Live website also has an interview with Elijah here. (RealPlayer needed) [More]

I also watched the Charlie Rose show and have a summary of it:

The first couple of minutes shows Elijah and Viggo answering a couple of questions with some quick shots from the trailers showing, then for a period of around 22 minutes, Albina du Boisrouvray talks about AIDS. Finally, after an older trailer for The Two Towers plays, Peter Jackson, Elijah, and Viggo are interviewed together for the rest of the show.

All is going as expected for a few minutes until Charlie Rose comments on Viggo’s T-shirt which reads, “NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL” in bold handwritten letters. Then the topic changes completely and for several minutes, Charlie and Viggo debate the topic of the US governments’ war on terrorism and Iraq. Viggo said some of the most bold things I’ve heard from anyone about the US response to 9/11 and the situation in Iraq. He basically feels that the US was unjust in bombing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and is against a war on Iraq.

He also did not like how people compare the US to the good guys in The Lord of the Rings movies and terrorists to Sauron and Saruman. He says that the opposite is, unfortunately, true and that the US is like Saruman in its need to control and cause destruction in other countries. Viggo spoke rather intelligently and he went out on a thin limb making these somewhat radical statements, but he made his point and came out alive. Charlie Rose was defending the US, but he said he respected Viggo for making his comments. I have even more respect for Viggo now as it required a large amount of bravery and knowledge to say what he did, and he faced some strong arguments from Charlie Rose.

Throughout the show (which had no more talk of politics after that), 3 clips were shown. 2 of them were the ones shown on E! News Live and the last one was in a small room with wooden barrels in it and Sam tries to encourage Frodo to put on the ring to escape, but Frodo says he can’t. Pretty interesting.