From Fellowship Elf: Just thought I’d send this along. The new 20th anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit (over the last 20 years) has 3 LOTR questions. Sadly not at many as say, Shrek, Harry Potter or O.J. Simpson, but still 3 is good. They are:

Under the Film category:

Q: What movie did Frank De Caro describe as “a three-hour epic about returning bad jewelry”?
A: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Q: What was the first feature-film trilogy to be shot concurrently with the same cast?
A: The Lord of the Rings

From the Literature category:

Q: What trilogy was “book of the millennium,” in an reader poll?
A: The Lord of the Rings

And well I could have thought of much better trivia questions, you must give them credit for trying. We’re moving up in the gaming world, I don’t recall any LOTR questions in earlier Trivial Pursuit games!

Update: Both Khaled and The Scribe have written to assure me that previous editions of Trivial Pursuit included the odd LoTR questions. So these news Qs are just continuing a long treadition, I guess!