LordoftheRings.net has just updated their site with some amazing “inside the effects” material. I cannot emphasise enough that you really should check this out right away! Do not walk, run! [To the official site]

If you’re not convinced, this is what New Line has to say:

Inside the Effects!

For the First of Two Parts of this extensively interactive feature on the official site, we break apart all the technology and production that went into the making of the Prologue scene in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Explore how the Prologue scene was created from the use of WETA’s ‘Massive’ software to create the armies, to motion capture for the fight styles on the Elves, with matte painting and digital models for the environment. Watch almost an hour of exclusive video interviews with the staff at WETA Digital and download a custom Elf screensaver and Prologue scene desktop.

All new Interactive elements include:

(1) Skin an Elf!
(2) Build your own Orc
(3) Simulate the Prologue Scene

Enjoy this latest offering from the official site- and stay tuned for the second part of the feature – which goes ‘Inside the Effects’ on the epic Battle of Helm’s Deep, which will launch next month.