Ringer Spy BigJohn writes in to let us know that if you’ve been unable to watch your FOTR:EX DVDs on a Samsung SD-616 DVDROM drive (typically found in Dell and HP desktop PCs) – Samsung have now released a Firmware Update which apparently fixes the problem.

Dell should also have this available to download from their Download Library.

N.B. Please check the model and current firmware on your DVDROM before attempting to upgrade the firmware – and only continue if the model type exactly matches that of the firmware – and if the current firmware is older than the propsed upgrade. Incorrect firmware upgrades WILL permenantly damage your DVDROM drive. (I know – it’s happened to me.)

Also, be sure to re-run the System Diagnostic of PowerDVD (or equivalent in other DVD playback software) after upgrading firmware to ensure success.