A.H.Black writes:

For those of us who are geeks on the subject of Lord of the Rings, the next month will be filled with anticipation. It will also be filled with TV specials, interviews, previews and commercials.

This is the “E” James Bond edition of Live from the red carpet. At about a half hour in, there is a holiday movie guide that includes the Two Towers, with some scenes we don’t often see. So far it doesn’t look like Live From the Red Carpet will be covering the Premier of Two Towers. [More]

AMC Access has been showing previews of the Two Towers this last weekend. There will probably be more. [More]

November 25th – Extra Talks Two Towers. The link will help you find when it airs in your area. [More]

November 25th – throughout the week ” E’s” holiday movie version of “Rank”. [More]

December 4th – Peter Jackson on “Today”

December 4th – This is the one on the WB. [More]

December 8th – Sir Ian McKellen will be on Inside the actors studio. [More]

December 9th – This the Page to Screen program on Lord of the Rings [More]