Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll know that the latest Bond film ‘Die Another Day’ is released today. Be sure to check out our pal Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz) as one of the main heavies that Bond has to deal with. Lawrence is the latest in a string of LOTR talent that has appeared in Bond films, check out the rest:

Sean Bean (Boromir) starred as Alec Trevelyan in 1995’s ‘Goldeneye’.

John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) was General Leonid Pushkin in the 1987 film ‘The Living Daylights’, starring Timothy Dalton as Bond

Christopher Lee (Saruman) was the man in question in the 1974 hit ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, Lee played Scaramanga opposite Roger Moore’s Bond.

Who’s to be the next LOTR star to play a bad guy? Our best guess is Billy Boyd! Yes the Scotsman will play Terry McCurdy in the 21st Bond movie ‘To Kilt For Love’. The story revolves around Boyd’s character opening up a kilt warehouse outlett mall in Orange County, the kilts control people’s mind and make them want to Riverdance! Bond comes to the rescue!

…ok maybe not..