Corsair very kindly provided a translation of the kinder surprise ads for non-German speakers.

Hi, Corsair here from the message boards. My wife, who is German, translated the German chocolate candy ads from the home page. They are as follows:

The newest secret from Kinder Ueberraschung — Lord of the Rings part two. With new heroes, the brave fighter Faramir and the mighty King Theoden. The Lord of the Rings Two Towers — starts Dec. 18 in theaters … already now in Kinder Ueberraschung.

Type at bottom says: Now in every 7th egg!

The others (I presume this is from left to right):

With new heroes, Snaketongue (Wormtongue? A hero?) and Eowyn, the King’s niece.

With new heroes, mighty King Theoden and the dark magician Saruman.

With new heroes, Eowyn, the King’s niece and the brave fighter Faramir.

With new heroes, the dark magician Saruman and his servant Snaketongue.