Dragonmeet, London’s friendliest games event, is proud to announce that Steve Long, lead designer on the new Lord of the Rings RPG and helmsman of the revitalised Hero Games, will be attending the convention as its Special Guest for 2002. The convention’s other Special Guest this year is John Kovalic, creator of the multiple Origins Award-winning Dork Tower.

Steve Long replaces Christian Moore of Decipher Games, who has been forced to drop out.

Dragonmeet is a one-day games convention in central London, covering all aspects of hobby gaming from RPGs to miniatures, CCGs, LARPs and more. There will be a demonstrations and tournaments, a large trade-hall, plenty of space for open gaming, a full programme of seminars, artist signings and special events including Dorkstock, the ever-popular charity auction, and the extraordinary Game in a Day, where we’ll be trying to create and publish a complete RPG from scratch in 12 hours.

Dragonmeet 2002 will be happening at Kensington Town Hall on Saturday 30th November 2002, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

You can find more information on all of this and more, including useful bits like how to get there, at the convention’s website: http://www.dragonmeet.com. And you can also buy tickets online, which will save you money and queueing on the day.