From: Lady Haldir

I am an Assistant Manager of a movie theater, and we got our order to put advance tickets for TTT on sale starting this Friday (Nov 22) (I assume most USA theaters part of major chains that will get the film will do this) I know for sure all Regal Entertainment Group (Regal , Edwards, and United Artists theaters form this company) theaters will be, as this is the chain I work for. This order included showtimes and an exact running time : 179 minutes!

Also to help anyone trying to see the TTT trailer on Harry Potter- it is a teaser, not the official trailer, but a different teaser than the one out before, and it is on the second and fourth prints of Harry Potter (DareDevil is on first and third) meaning theaters who have Harry Potter in only one theater will not have TTT at all. And if they have 3 prints it will only be on one, etc. But there is no way other than asking for non theater employees to know which prints are which, so they would still need to ask, but hopefully this info helps a little.

For anyone still trying to catch the final trailer on the big screen, it is still running on first and third prints (not 2nd) of Red Dragon for those theaters who still have it, also on Ghost Ship (1st prints) for any theaters still playing that. As far as I know, these are the only movies out now that are sure to have it (on the specified prints) , but some theaters may have added it on to various movies as replacements, as other trailers needed to be removed.