Dave and Tracey write:

We’ve just been over to the Christopher Lee Web website to check out further details on his signings in Nottingham in the UK. The official site says he is there 14.00-17.00. Not from 13.00, as stated in your snippet, nor is he signing any personal items in addition to purchases on the day.

The web address is www.christopherleeweb.com which you can check further if you wish. We’ll be going to meet him all the same, been huge fans most of our lives-and we have friends in Nottingham to stay with! Will mail any snippets in we may have for TORN in due course. On that note, a friend of ours met with Brian Sibley and Jude Fisher on the 12th of this month in Cambridge here in the UK. (Got us two books personally messaged and signed).

They had some nice tidbits/stories to share with him, not the least of which was a wee tale regarding Laurence Makoare in full-body Lurtz make up, being led about the sets because he couldn’t see due to his heavy make up and contact lenses limiting his mobility and the fact the that the poor man had to stay in make up for ten hours plus at a time, because it took to long to take all his prosthetics, etc off and on between takes. Imagine, sitting next to Lurtz at lunch! Will get hold of more tales from our friend Dave, when we next have the opportunity.