We reported this a couple weeks ago, but with the Extended Edition now in general release, it’s worth reviewing the easter eggs that are floating around on your new DVD!

Update:Okay, I’m receive reports that these are not on the R2 DVDs. Is this solely a R1 phenomenon? That’d be a shame for non-R1 people (like me!). If you happen to have a non R1 DVD and can pull up these easter eggs, drop me a line!

If having two discs filled with amazing special features wasn’t enough, the four-disc Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring features two very cool Easter Eggs that just add to the awesomeness of the set.

These first two eggs are found on discs one and two of the set, and each one is of a video that many LOTR fans would be quite happy to have on DVD.

The first one is actually the MTV Movie Awards spoof on the Council of Elrond scene that is pretty hilarious. I’ve wanted to see this again since it first aired (and was repeated a thousand times on MTV), and now it’s on DVD.

To find this one, go into the Scene Selection menu on disc one, and head to the final page where you’ll find the real Council of Elrond scene. High light that scene and press “down” to find an image of the Ring. Press enter to view the entire clip from MTV complete with an introduction from Peter Jackson.

(NB: This Easter Egg is not necessarily kiddie-safe. Parents might want to watch this bit themselves before they unleash their children on it.)

The second egg can be found on disc two, and is the awesome four-minute “Fan Preview” of The Two Towers that was shown at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring this past March as it was on the way out of the theaters.

To watch this awesome trailer, go to the Scene Selection menu and navigate your way to the final page where you’ll find the chapter with the Fan Club Credits. Move the cursor to the numbers on the far right of the screen, and when it’s on “48” press down to make an image of the Two Towers appear. Press enter to view the trailer in full anamorphic widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

Thanks to Bernie and TORn staffer Scorpio for this information.