Here are some amazing photos from Ringer Spy Bellerophon of tomorrow’s Sunday Times Magazine special edition on The Two Towers. An advertising flier for the magazine that was being handed out in Leicester Square today can be found here: [More]


This snippet from Ringer Spy Taniwha:

Regarding the photo from the Sunday Times with crew … it looks like Osgiliath to me; the ‘wet set’ on Peterkin St in Taita, as previously seen in the Evening Post photos. You can see these here and here. I was there the day the EP shot those, and read the shoot pages for the day…

And more commentary on that image from Ringer Spy Telcontar:

Firstly, the soldier far left is in Gondorian armour — it looks Elvish, but the shoulder “scales” are seen on earlier Gondor regalia (and notice the Tree on his breastplate). Secondly, the man labeled “Viggo stand-in” is not a stand-in, he’s an Ithilien Ranger (notice similar outfit on Faramir pics). Lastly, and most importantly, the orcs are NOT Isengard orcs — they are Mordor orcs (totally different facial features, clothing, etc). To be fair, we didn’t claim that they were Isengard orcs or Uruks 😉 – Ara

So it may be Osgiliath (since we have no idea what scenes PJ has written there) or Minas Tirith during the siege — although I would doubt that considering the “ruined” look of the architecture. So a battle scene in Osgiliath between orcs, rangers, and soldiers from Minas Tirith? Sounds good to me.