Our adventure to Chicago from Detroit (275 miles one way) to see “IT” on a big screen was great. First we stopped at Fantasy Headquarters, about nine miles from the theatre (on Milwaukee St).

It is a huge costume and accessory place. It had aisles and rows of whatever you can imagine costume- or makeupwise. They were, however, out of one item: They were out of elf ear tips!

Relentlessly we searched all the other creature ears they had in stock until we came across something I thought would do. It was a $13.00 gamble, but it worked.

I won’t say here what type fake creature ears my wife used, but the popular guess was Vulcan (wrong, by the way). In a dark parking lot on the far east side of Chicago she was transformed into Lady Arwen’s cousin, accompanied by her strikingly handsome warrior of Rohan.

We ascended to the city streets and placed ourselves in line among the faithful. It was a magical evening … good thing for all the hassles we had to deal with to be able to go.

The extended version far surpassed our expectations. In my opinion it is the version that should be seen on the big screen.

After every new line or complete new scene, the audience showed its approval with hoots, laughs, or applause. However, the theatre was very warm … very … very warm, especially for people dressed for a middle-Earth winter.

Despite this glitch the time sped by until dear brave little Frodo utters those loving words to his faithful companion Samwise: “Sam, I’m glad you’re with me.” Then it was over.

We had our pictures taken by other costumees who had traveled from Saint Louis for the event. Thanks again, ladies.