TORn Discussion Board member Lacrimae Rerum wrote up this fascinating and spoiler-filled post after buying the Visual Companion the other day.

I just bought the book this afternoon and haven’t had chance to finish reading it yet, but though I would post a few now as they will all be rather disparate in any case.

His history is described in detail along with a photo of him and Deagol in the boat – a suggestion this will be in the film?

Dead Marshes:
The phantoms are described as “Locked in their armour, weeds threading through their silver hair, there appear to lie beneath the surface thousands of dead warriors – Men, Elves and Orcs- their faces spectral, their bodies bloated and pale.” Also a mention of the ghostly candles/will o’ the wisps.

Easterlings marching in a very organised column armed with long shafted halberds (actually now I look at the word it doesn’t seem right – anyway pikes with an axe blade attached)

In shot we saw of Frodo with his shirt open it does very much appear that he does not have the ring in either hand, nor around his neck. It says “Faramir, like his brother, is tempted to take the ring to use on behalf of his people. It is among the embattled ruins of the ancient city of Osgiliath that Faramir must decide the fate of the ring and its bearer.”

Ugluk is confirmed as Lurtz’s replacement.

“The wizard Saruman … has been corrupted by his quest for knowledge and power so that he thinks to challenge the Dark Lord himself. Driven at first by Sauron’s command and lately by his own ambition.” He “has developed a great appetite for power in the world” and “is determined to aquire the ring and use it for his own purposes.”

First mention of the Corsairs of Umbar.

Theodred is only badly wounded at the fords then brought back to Edoras “The death of Thodred … brought home to have his wound tended … may also lie at Grima’s hand”.

Grima is “captivated by Eowyn” whom Saruman promises to him after the fall of Rohan. It is mentioned that Eomer is banished.

Apparently the folks from Edoras originally set out for Dunharrow, but seek safe haven at Helm’s Deep. Orcs attack the company on the road to Dunharrow and Aragorn’s bond with the horse Brego “will serve him well”. Wild men and Dunlendings will both be involved.

Helm’s Deep:
Not many real soldiers – mostly “a motley bunch of old men and untested boys.” Women and children take refuge in the glittering caves where they will be defended by Eowyn.

“Saruman’s arm will have grown long indeed if he thinks he can reach us here” Fingers crossed this will continue as an adaption of the Caradhras quote. In the book this was actually in reference to Sauron. Interesting use, though. – Dem.

Elrond, Celeborn and Galadriel debate about whether to send troops to Helm’s Deep.

The battle of Helm’s Deep:
Aragorn is “blown off the wall into the midst of the enemy horde” by the explosion in the culvert. Eomer turns up with 2,000 Rohirrim reinforcements and charges the Uruks’ flanks. The Uruk-hai … flee … and find their way blocked by a mighty forest of angry Ents and HUORNS.”

Still no mention of anything after Helm’s Deep or Faramir.