Amazing is all I can say! More character development, more humor, and more warmth. It just added to the whole experience of the film.

I especially loved what it added to the relationships built in the story. You understand more about the
Frodo/Bilbo, Gimli/Galadriel relationships, not to mention others. You can feel the intimacy building in the Fellowship in this film version.

I especially loved the Lothlorien sequence in the extended edition. It gave more of the impression I
had from the book than the theatrical version did. Lorien felt less spooky and surreal. It still carried a majestic aura but felt warmer and more inviting. The elves (especially Galadriel) were able to show a personable, caring side. The gift giving scenes were great!

I won’t write everything I could say but just sum it up as “Thanks PJ for giving us this version” and to
those that are debating on the purchase of this version “It is so worth it!”