I was just told that you wanted reviews from dvd screening. Hope you find this useful. I am still totally blown away and thought that as a nearly 48-year old, there wasn’t much left that could do this to me.

The word “WOW !” will be a large part of my vocabulary for days to come. 😉

I was one of the fortunate few to win passes to a digital screeening of the DVD from Moviefone. It was shown at the Cinemark Legacy theater in Plano, TX, which happens to be the closest theater to my home. I am blessed!

I asked my friend, Dandy Baggins to go with me and we shared an experience that will last a lifetime! I will not say what the additions were because I do not like spoilers, myself.

I will say that all of the additions added greatly to the story and filled in blanks that really should have been filled originally. New Line should be ashamed that they were so uptight about that 3 hour time.

I just want to say that this was not an ordinary screening. This was a digital remaster or whatever it’s called and with digital sound! It was like seeing the movie for the first time!(even though i had seen it 19 times thatrically before and at least 10 times at home.)

Dandy and I cried and held each other for most of it it was so amazing! The new stuff is fantastic and very well done. PJ said that things weren’t as smooth, but that is debatable.

I don’t know if there are any plans to release this to the general public in theaters, but I highly, HIGHLY recommend that everyone write to New Line and ask that it be done!