Just wanted to say that the Miami report on the sound quality of the THX sound and the experience of seeing the movie in digital was spot on. I saw it at McClurg Court in Chicago, and was finally able to see and hear things I had missed in all previous viewings (for example: the “Ashes on my tomatoes!” line, and the bird’s nest in the eye of the Argonath (sp?) statue.

Also, same feeling about the scenes – definitely should have had the longer Lothlorien in the original, while the other additions made it a richer, deeper, and (often) funnier movie! Viewers like myself who wanted more of the hobbits will be happy with the extra small bits.

The addition of scenes of Frodo with Bilbo, Sam, and Gandalf added to the appreciation of Frodo’s character, as the added Aragorn scenes did for Aragorn. And thank heavens they showed the TTT preview beforehand! I had not been able to manage to see it until then. Thank you Moviefone! Only disappointment: I had hoped it would be a bigger “event”, but it was very sedate. Still – I hope that they can use digital projection and THX sound in more theatres for TTT!