Wow! I was one of the lucky few to see the extended edition of The Fellowship Of The Ring, and I was able to see it on AMC’s Digital Projection screen!

Let me just say first that seeing The Fellowship Of The Ring DIGITALLY with ADDITIONAL SCENES was incredible! The quality was superb in every aspect! The new Two Towers trailer was shown right in front of the viewing of the extended edition and looks incredible! I believe it looks better than the trailer for The Fellowship Of The Ring that released last year and let me tell you, seeing the trailer on a digitally projected theater screen is quite different than seeing it on my computer screen!

The Extended Edition of FOTR itself was spectacular and WAYYYYY better than the theatrical version! It gives much more depth into the characters, especially Aragorn, who has the majority of the new scenes to his benefit! In one new scene for example, we see Aragorn at the grave of his mother and then Elrond comes up behind him and how he made it into Rivendell with the elves is fully explained. I won’t go in depth into the scenes just because I know there have been plenty of reviews of the extended edition lately and probably almost everybody knows the new scenes.

There are two quite funny scenes added as well that will please everybody. I can’t do them justice here so I won’t try.

There is another scene with Gollum although it is very brief and only his hands are seen. Also a reference to him and how his name was once Smeagol and a bit of explaining on the part of Gandalf on a little bit of the history of Gollum while him and Frodo are in the Mines Of Moria after Frodo spots Gollum tracking them.

And of course the best scene is the gift giving scene which does justice to the book.

All in all, I was very pleased with this edition as the original theatrical version will be gathering dust on my shelf for quite some time now that we have this much better edition.

I can’t wait until Tuesday when It comes out and I can watch it again with the commentary’s and the DTS sound!
A great experience that I was glad to be able to partake in!