Okay, the rest of the great Extended Edition Screening reviews from some of the lucky people that won tickets through the Moviefone/AOL contest.

First up is Phil, who says that the added footage improved the movie and can’t wait to see it again on DVD next week. [More]

Vana attended the Chicago viewing and writes that the depths of many of the characters is greatly improved. [More]

Vikster wrote this list of highlights. [More]

Don writes: “More character development, more humour, and more warmth. It just added to the whole experience of the film.” [More]

“More like the books than the original”, writes Ed. “However, I wouldn’t say
it’s better – just different.” [More]

Lindorie saw the screening in Texas and is apparently still blown away by the experience! [More]

Vash was very impressed with what he saw. [More]

Lorie didn’t even have a ticket, but was resourceful enough to get in nevertheless! [More]

Lady Illanir of Gondor said that the Extended Edition brought back the same feelings of adrenalin rush she experienced seeing the theatrical version. [More]

Davros’s said the detail was amazing and that the only disappointment was to have to surrender his invitation. (This one contains minor TTT spoilers – Dem.) [More]

Josh’s is really brief:

How in the world did New Line decide not to show this version originally is beyond me. The extra 30 minutes helps development all the characters immensely. The only added footage that didn’t work for me was that of Bilbo in the beginning talking about hobbits. It was good, I enjoyed it, but it didn’t seem as smooth and seamless as the rest of the added footage. I will never again watch the theatrical version, EXTENDED version all the way. I can’t wait for Tuesday.

Kato’s favourite addition was the ‘gift’ scene in Lothlorien. [More]

DPM drove 3.5 hours each way to see it says it was well worth the effort. [More]

Lhunsarniel wrote this very comprehensive review for us all. [More]

Gregg: “The original cut of FOTR was a great, great movie. But this is so much better.” [More]

Rosamunde agrees with our Miami report. The sound and total digital experience was fantastic! [More]

Yesiquilt: “It’s got all the frosting on the cake now, and they should have put it out this way in the first place.” [More]

Lori: “I was expecting a real crowd for something like this. Those who didn’t come really missed out.” [More]

Jim writes: “FOTR, the extended version is the ONLY version I will ever watch again! It was pretty much everything I hoped for and more.” [More]

Fozzer wrote a that review you can read here. [More

Lee writes: “Watch every moment of this new version carefully, as you may be in for some real surprises!” [More]

Paul made some very interesting comments about the new pacing in this excellent review. [More]

Brendan: “Much more depth into the characters, especially Aragorn.” [More]

Thanks to everyone who wrote a review and sent it in! These were exhausting to compile, but very very interesting to read! Sounds like we’re really in for a treat.