They just keep on coming, here are the latest Extended DVD reviews from people who saw the extended cut during the Moviefone/AOL screenings…

holbytla attended the dvd screening in Virginia, which I guess is not that special unless it takes you an eight hour drive to get there.. Anyway, her review can be found here: [More]

Next up is Charles who wrote a very nice summary of what he saw… [More]

Diane‘s also got to see the extended cut and here’s what she has to say about it: [More]

And next up is Jeff‘s review. I’m starting to think that there were more people at the Chicago-screening then there were at the other ones… [More]

A very short review came in from Timothy, but then again; if you read all the reviews before this one you can probably dream what’s in the film anyway. [More]

And then there was Elf who accidently sent her review to the GreenBooks staff (thanks Quickbeam), and we nearly had to miss out on her very good review! [More]

And last but not least there’s the review from Brian over at LightsOutEntertainment which is a great read as well! You can check that one out here: [More]

And that’s that! Have fun reading!


Thom’s expectations were far surpassed. [More]