TORn Staffer Quickbeam got the lowdown for us on six fantastic new cards that Decipher is about to release.

These awesome cards are from “The Two Towers” set that Decipher is releasing on Wednesday, November 6th. We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE first look at these images, so enjoy!


We’ve added another two images from the Two Towers deck for your viewing enjoyment. Now you can check out “From the Armoury” and “Khazad Ai-menu”. They’re directly below, and the others are slightly further down. Thanks to Elf of Ossiriand for sending these in!

From the Armoury

Gimli models the latest in chainmail for Legolas and Aragorn. From the way Legolas and Aragorn are standing, it looks as though they are trying very hard not to laugh …

Khazad Ai-Menu

A dwarven battle cry from elves? But wait and look a little closer …

Brought Back Alive

Merry and Pippin being carried by Uruks of Mordor and Isengard.

Easterling Axeman

Check the detail on the helm of this Easterling! You can even see his eyes through the visor slits.

Hornburg Courtyard

A beautiful statue in the courtyard of the Hornburg at Helm’s Deep. Could this be Helm Hammerhand himself? Note the horn he’s carrying in addition to the warhammer in the left hand. Of course, Tolkien’s Helm went unarmed when slaying Dunlendings.

Elite Rider

This is one of the elite riders of Rohan. Perhaps a member of Eomer’s Eored, which did battle with the orcs that took Merry and Pippin?

Flanking Attack

These Oliphaunts of the Haradrim really are huge. Big as a house is an understatement.


Hoom! I dom’t want to be hasty, but this is just beyond amazing! If you’re wondering how much infuence Alan Lee might have add in Treebeard’s creation, check out his famous illustration from Lord of the Rings here.