I had one of the most enjoyable experiences ever last night! I want to thank New Line Cinema and Moviefone SO MUCH!!!!! I was a lucky winner of the special extended edition sweepstakes in Chicago.

I arrived at the theater two hours early, and there wasn’t an elf, hobbit, mortal, or spirit in line! I was the first one there. But my guest and I decided to walk around a while, and when we came back there was someone else in line. They were joking about how this was probably all a big hoax, and the theater people would probably just stick us in front of a little TV screen and pop in the video! Thankfully, it was so much better than that.

The line really started filling shortly before 5, and at 5 we were allowed inside the theater, and finally out of the freezing cold! Meanwhile, “White Oleander” viewers were allowed in upon arrival. Argh….

Once in the theater, a lady and her husband in front of us started chatting and she was also a die-hard Rings fan, and I asked everyone I met there last night if they visited theonering.net regularly, and everyone said yes! This lady said she lives on the site. So do I 🙂 We talked with her for a long time which was really nice, and helped the hour till show time go by fast.

Finally, there was movement on the screen. Everyone in the theater errupted with clapping, yelling, and shouts of “Frodo lives!” …The following preview has been aproved for all adiences… you got it! We saw the new Two Towers trailor!!!!!! And this screen we saw it on was massive! Huge! Monstrous!!!!! It was brilliant. I had tears in my eyes by the end of the preview alone. Everyone was cheering at the end of it, too. Then the movie began.

The extended edition seems so much different than the theatrical release! There’s not only man new scenes, but there’s also great one-liners added in. And there’s so many more comical lines/scenes. My favorite is when the fellowship is leaving Rivendell, and Elrond informs them none of them must go further than they will. They say, “We await the Ringbearer,” and let Frodo go first. When he starts leaving, he pauses and asks, “Mordor, Gandalf. Is it left or right?” Gandalf replies, “Left.” Great stuff! There’s so much more hilarious stuff like that! Especially with Pippin. All in all, this movie was so awesome, and it was magnificent seeing it on the big screen. Tolkien fans will love the movie even more after seeing this. So buy it the day it comes out (as if you weren’t going to already)!!