Simpetarwen writes:

I went out to get the PlayStation Magazine for the TTT DVD game thanks to your posting on TORn and found this on the newsstand as well:

PocketGames Winter issue (on newsstands until Jan 1, 2003) – cover article “LOTR:TTT World-exclusive First Review – Every tough level mapped & boss strategies outlined!”

There is a full review of the Electronic Arts Game Boy Advance LOTR:TTT game (p.51-54), which includes a run-down of the 5 character-warriors for the game (with mention of a mysterious sixth character), a very brief review of the upcoming film as well as previous animated films and the books.

The best though is (in their own words) “an enormous, chokingly comprehensive walkthrough of TTT.” They aren’t kidding either! There are seventeen (17) pages (pages 78 to 95) of character studies, artifact descriptions, screen shots for the world maps with map keys identifying significant concerns, and a tremendous discussion of “game-breaking strategies”.