Switz here again. Now that I have had a chance to reflect at length about the extended version (and have gotten some sleep), let me share some additional details. SPOILERS!?!Everything kicked off with the TT trailer. Audience went crazy!!

In the prologue, we see Isuldur put on the ring, roll down the river embankment, and then the ring slips off (of its own accord?) into the water, he is shot in back.

After prologue, Bilbo is sitting writing “Concerning Hobbits” and there is much dialogue (some directly from books) about hobbits and their lifestyle. Also Sackville-Bagginses get mentioned. Then cut to Frodo sitting under tree reading when he hears Gandalf.

There were things inserted into the birthday party scene: Bilbo and Frodo dodging the Sackville-Bagginses, Bilbo telling Frodo why he took Frodo in after his parents died.

Additional footage at tavern (can’t remember name) in Hobbiton after Bilbo has left, Merry and Pip singing, everyone having grand old time. Sam makes some comment about another hobbit “flirting” with Rosie as he and Frodo are leaving.

Trip to Bree has some minor additions, but my memory tells me things at Prancing Pony pretty much the same.

Trip to Weathertop takes longer, but I don’t recall exact details, or dialogue. (Sorry) Flight to the Ford seems pretty much unchanged.
Rivendell opening unchanged. Boromir and Aragorn have additional dialogue (“Who are you?” “A friend of Gandalf the Grey.”, additional dialogue between Arwen and Aragorn, dialogue between Aragorn and Elrond about Aragorn’s mother and also about Arwen, Boromir talks about his dream to the council, Fellowship shown getting ready to depart (Arwen and other elves in scene, she with sort of teary eyes), Frodo leads them out of Rivendell, says to Gandalf “Which way, right or left?” (got big laugh).

Moria gate scene is extended. Gandalf tries more passwords. Watcher scene seemed a bit longer, more action (?). Once in Moria, much more dialogue: discussion of dwarves mining, show veins of mithril. Somewhere in here, Pip does something foolish. Gandalf reprimands him, but I don’t recall details. Reference to Smeagol is made by Gandalf in Moria scene after Frodo spies Gollum.

Fight with cave troll longer, Boromir get airlifted and slammed into wall, Sam seen doing more fighting as are Merry and Pippin. And Legolas seems to have more screen time as well. Flight to bridge of Khazad-dum seemed same, Balrog scenes maybe a bit longer, fall of Gandalf unchanged, as is scene outside Moria.

Much put back in Lothlorien. Haldir tells them they may not proceed any further, they’re up in trees, he says something to Frodo about great evil, Haldir and Aragorn have a conversation in Elvish (Aragorn obviously trying to plead Frodo’s case and their need for assistance), additional dialogue with Celeborn and Galadriel talking to fellowship, mor dialogue between Boromir and Aragorn about Minas Tirith, mirror scene longer (Galadriel shows Frodo Nenya), gift-giving scene (everyone gets cape, bow for Legolas, daggers for Merry and Pip, rope for Sam (and he asks for a dagger, too!), don’t recall Boromir’s gift, Aragorn and Galadriel have talk about Arwen, Gimli asks for nothing (get hair from Galadriel), light of Earendil for Frodo.

I think there is additional dialogue between Frodo and Boromir after landing. Also, I think there may have been a few more sentences between Frodo and Aragorn about the ring. Fight at end is longer. Legolas shoots off six arrows in rapid succession, instead of only 3 in the original cut. More action with Aragorn and Gimli as well.

Merry and Pip seem more aggressive, Boromir fights longer to keep Merry and Pippin safe before being shot.

That’s about all I can remember. Some additional general impressions that I have from heard dialogue (but can’t remember placement): one gets a better feeling for the animosity the elves have for dwarves from some things that Legolas says, instead of just Haldir’s comments and the animosity that comes from Gimli. Merry and Pippin start to change, beginning to realize that they must defend themselves and Frodo, losing their innocence.

Again, my comment from last night that this should have been the theater release still holds true. Again, I applaud New Line for having the guts to allow Peter to film all three movies at once (quite a gamble without knowing what the return would be), but I wish they had gone out on the limb just a bit further to have allowed the release of this longer version. As it stands right now, except for those of us last night who won the Moviefone contest and some other specially invited people, everyone will be watching this spectacular visual sight on a small TV screen. And the digital clarity was absolutely fabulous. Maybe we need to start a campaign to have New Line put the extended version into some theaters to afford everyone the opportunity for the big screen experience. Or is there some long range plan to have a “Day with LOTR” and book a theater and show all 3 extended versions (because TT is coming in at around 2:45 so there will probably be an extended version DVD also!), at once, with potty and dinner breaks between each?

Thanks to everyone at TORN (that’s how I found out about the Moviefone/AOL contest). Keep up the great work.

— Switz