Even though I have never posted to a web site before, I felt that I needed to since I was lucky enough to attend last nights preview in Dallas. What a movie!!! The extra scenes were magnificent and really made the movie very smooth. Unlike the attempts by Gorge Lucas, the scenes had meaning and were not just there for the sake of being there. My wife, who went just because I won, even spoke all the way home on how much better the movie was (which I didn’t think was possible at first, but am in complete agreement).

It was much more in line with the book, which should please even the most rigid Tolkien thinker.

I would also like to mention how professional the whole experience was. All of the winners, movie staff and promotional people were pleasant and we even got free soda and popcorn (which the rules of the contest stated was not included).

I hope the response that New Line gets may influence decisions for “The Return of the King” run time and they understand that more may be better in the long run.

Bravos all the way around and enjoy it next week. You will!!!