Wow.. we’ve literally been flooded with reviews from people who saw the Extended DVD during one of the ten screenings that took place all over the US last night, and don’t worry; we’ll be posting them all! And just to prove that we will; here’s the first batch of them for everyone’s reading pleasure. But beware of the !!spoilers!!

First one to send in her review was Shawna, who attended the Seattle screening and sent in a very complete (almost) scene-by-scene review of the movie, lots of spoilerish things… [More]

Next up is plaidpjs who gave a very brief overall account of his reaction to seeing the DVD… [More]

Douglas McEwan saw the Extended DVD in LA and wrote his most memorable moments down here… [More]

From Chicago Mary dropped us a line about her thoughts on the Extended cut.. [More]

And then there was girloftheShire who saw the DVD in Chicago as well (I wonder if they know each other;)) and also wrote up a report! [More]

Switz (who was actually the first one to write us yesterday) got some sleep, thought of some more things to say and spoil about the film and wrote them down here! [More]

Well and after that I thought that maybe the wave of reviews landing in our inbox had stopped, but alas.. Edwin (who attended the Dallas screening) started the second one… [More]

Another Chicago-attandee Simeon‘s wrote up his two cents and they can be found here.. [More]

Long time reader but first time, err.. writer Dan attended the Minneapolis screening last night and wrote up his spoiler-filled review here: [More]

Well.. these are the first ones, if we’ll get more I’ll be posting those later today but first I really need some food…