TORNadoes in Australia and NZ should make sure they can get to a good magazine store in December, because the Auckland magazine Pavement is going all-out with a Two Towers special in their December issue. I still remember their outstanding interview with Sean Astin a few years back – anyone Down Under who can get hold of a December issue of Pavement can look forward to some more of the same.
They wrote in to give us an outline of what’s coming up in their Two Towers special:

– 30+ pages of features on Two Towers, including dual covers on sale simultaneously (mag goes on sale throughout NZ on Dec 1 and in Australia from Dec 19, the opening day of the movie throughout the world). The features include…

– Miranda Otto (photographed exclusively in NYC)
– Orlando Bloom (photographed exclusively in LA)
– Christopher Lee
– John Rhys-Davies (photographed exclusively in NYC)
– Bernard Hill (photographed exclusively in NYC)
– Karl Urban (photographed exclusively in NYC)
– Andy Serkis (Gollum)
– Barrie Osbourne (US producer)
– Billy Boyd
– Dominic Monaghan
– Peter Jackson

Pavement editor Bernard McDonald spent 5 days on the set of Two Towers mid-2002 interviewing various cast members and production heads, watching Peter Jackson directing on-set and on location and visiting the various LOTR departments (CGI, Weta props, costumes, makeup, etc). This is part two of Pavement’s LOTR trilogy of issues dedicated to the film. The first, featuring Liv Tyler and Elijah Wood on the two covers, sold out. For fans of LOTR outside NZ, the new issue can be purchased from Pavement via email ( or post (Pavement, PO Box 309, Auckland 1, New Zealand). Cost NZ$20 each (including postage & handling). A2 cover posters NZ$20 each (including postage & handling). NZ$30 for a copy and poster. Orders within New Zealand are NZ$10 per copy or poster (including postage & handling), NZ$20 for a copy and poster. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after date of publication. Sorry, no copies or posters of Fellowship of the Ring issues left.