Here’s an opportunity for people who live nearby the University of Southern Maine to see the extended edition of FoTR on a big screen!

NB: I’ve updated this with some more information.

Shaun writes:

I recently finished talks with New Line Cinema concerning the license to a very special release coming this November. The Interactive Simulations Group/Board of Student Organizations of the University of Southern Maine presents:

The Lord of the Rings
The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Extended Edition

View the complete, extended version of the masterpiece film directed by Peter Jackson. With more than 30 minutes of additional footage re-intergrated into the film, this version will NOT be shown in theatres. Here is your chance to see the epic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic as it was meant to be (on a big screen).

You can watch this epic film at USM on November 17th, 2002 at the Luther Bonney Auditorium.

Where: Luther Bonney Hall Auditorium is located at the USM-Portland campus (Portland, Maine). Easy to find as it is right off EXIT 6 of I-295.

Screening begins at 2:00pm. Admission is free and open to all USM students/Community members. It is also open to the general public.

Running time: 208 minutes (Intermission will occur for 10 minutes).

We are using the A/V system in the auditorium which includes a projection system which is attached to a computer and A/V rack. DVD projection will be used.

I expect the picture to be pretty good (we recently showed AKIRA S/E), the sound acceptable (stereo) but not full Dolby 8.1 or THX.

Won’t be the same quality as was presented in the recent ten screenings (I wish) but still on a big screen and much better then watching at home. The auditorium seats about 100-125. The added enjoyment of watching it with fellow fans is the big plus!

A popcorn machine/stand will also be running overtime….

For those who make it along, enjoy!