Christopher Lee seems to have revealed that he will be in both the Two Towers and the Return of the King.

Speculation has been rampant for months that his character Saruman would be killed off toward the end of The Two Towers, possibly in some sort of “Spiked Wheel” incident.

However, in an article just recently published on the Official Christopher Lee Website, Lee made this statement:

“The only thing that is sure is that I will be in both of the next two Lord of the Rings movies, and I am considering three of four other interesting roles.”

He made the comments while speaking from Vienna about being upset at being linked with the role of Dumbledore so soon after Harris death. You can read his entire statement here.

What makes this all the more interesting is the fact that in a recent interview with Fantasy Worlds magazine, it was written that Brad Dourif has signed on to portray Grima Wormtongue in both the Two Towers and the Return of the King. You can read that interview here.