have managed to be the first site to snag the official track listing for Howard Shore’s score to The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and the line-up looks as, if not more, impressive than last year’s Oscar-winning soundtrack.

1. Foundations Of Stone
2. The Taming Of Sméagol
3. The Riders Of Rohan
4. The Passage Of The Marshes
5. The Uruk-hai
6. The King Of The Golden Hall
7. The Black Gate Is Closed
8. Evenstar (featuring Isabel Bayrakdarian)
9. The White Rider
10. Treebeard
11. The Leave Taking
12. Helm’s Deep
13. The Forbidden Pool
14. Breath Of Life (featuring Sheila Chandra)
15. The Hornburg
16. Forth Eorlingas (featuring Ben Del Maestro)
17. Isengard Unleashed (featuring Elizabeth Fraser & Ben Del Maestro)
18. Samwise The Brave
19. Gollum’s Song (performed by Emiliana Torrini)
20. (Bonus Track): Farewell To Lórien (featuring Hilary Summers)

There will be three different editions of the soundtrack released: a standard edition with one of five collectable double-sided trading cards; a limited edition with the extra bonus track, “Farewell to Lórien” from The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Edition DVD; and finally a mysterious third edition with a run of only 5,000 available to buy online.

After studying the list for a while, here’s some random thoughts from my TORn desk on this enthralling line-up:
• Is the name of the opening track a reference to Emyn Muil, and thus supports the belief that the opening shot is of Frodo and Sam instead of the Three Hunters?
• The promotion of the soundtrack should be a marked improvement without Enya, after Reprise’s disasterous campaign last year which focused too heavily on their Irish singer.
• A greater emphasis has been placed on vocals, the number of featuring artists doubling from 3 on the FotR soundtrack to 6 on the TTT soundtrack.
• ‘Forth Eorlingas’ and ‘Isengard Unleashed’ seem to be the two tracks which will play during the Battle of Helm’s Deep.
• There does not appear to be a Minas Tirith track of any kind on the soundtrack.
• ‘The Forbidden Pool’ suggests the Henneth Annun will definetly make an appearance in the film, most likely with the footage of Gollum hitting a fish of the ground which was being filmed during the Two Towers preview on the FotR DVD.
• Will ‘Gollum’s Theme’ be the last track to play into the credits at the end of the film? And what does this name suggest; perhaps we will get a glimpse of Gollum’s betrayal of the Hobbits to Shelob in anticipation for the opening of The Return of the King. Or will we see some inner struggle between the guilt-ridden Slinker and the ring-obsessed stinker which will continue in RotK?