By now, you’ll all have seen the track listing for the TTT soundtrack.

Track 1 is called “Foundation of Stone”.

There’s been some speculation about what this could imply. Now it’s just possible that the title “Foudation of Stone”, could refer to the battle between Gandalf and the Balrog.

Doubtful? Consider this excerpt from the Two Towers:

‘Deep is the abyss that is spanned by Durin’s Bridge, and none has measured it,’ said Gimli.

‘Yet it has a bottom, beyond light and knowledge,’ said Gandalf. ‘Thither I came at last, to the uttermost foundations of stone[my emphasis]. He was with me still. His fire was quenched, but now he was a thing of slime, stronger than a strangling snake.’

So, the BIG plunge at the beginning of TT should show Gandalf fighting the Balrog!

Nice way to open a film, eh?

Thanks to both Feasul and Chris for pointing this out!


Okay, a few people have written in to add variuous stuff. Some of this is not at all new, but for the sake of relative completeness here’s a little bit more information …

From Ringer spy Sam: Sir Ian’s latest E-Post entry

“Q: I saw in the new TTT trailer that when you are falling with the Balrog, you are holding your sword. How can that be if you lost her (the sword had fall first) before you completely fall in the bridge? Many thanks and keep the great work. 🙂

A: You will be answered early in The Two Towers when Gandalf and his sword are reunited. “

This isn’t entirely conclusive in and of itself. “Early” is an awfully vague word, and I’m sure Ian realises that.

Also, Mark from Texas writes: ‘It’s the first thought that hit me when I read that Fran used the term “plunge” when discussing the opening scene.’

This is from scr(i)pt magazine, of course. For those that might not have seen it before, I’ll recount the excerpt here:

“scr(i)pt: Will there be anything to help a novice find his/her way into The Two Towers, some recap of what has happened so far, or will we plunge right into it?

Philippa Boyens: Pretty much a big plunge, you might say – a rather large plunge! [Both laugh as if sharing a wicked, private joke.] – the deep breath before the plunge. Well, it’s a terrible pun; and you’ll understand it when you see it, but I think it’s one of the most amazing openings ever – pure Peter Jackson!”

There is certainly a rather large “plunge” before the two battling Maia reach the Foundations of Stone at the bottom of the abyss of Khazad-dum that Gandalf refers to in the Two Towers … :o)