Dylan writes: I am a bookstore manager for one of the largest East Coast bookstores and today we were shipped quite a treat from Houghton Mifflin. Along with their Two Towers Visual Companion (Release Date is Nov. 6) they sent us a pillar, such as something out of Moria. J.R.R. Tolkien’s runes decorate the top border of the grey pillar which stands approx. 2 feet tall. But what was to set on top almost brought me to giggling, bookends from Sideshow Weta which depicted the scene of Gandalf knocking on the door to Bilbo’s hobbit hole. One bookend is Gandalf with his staff against the door, and the other is Bilbo about to open the door. Extremely well crafted, I cannot wait to own my own copy. I don’t know if we will be selling these in the future, or if it is only to help promote the books and movie, but my name is there to reserve it, so I’ll be happy either way.