From Moiraine

Although the articles (as usual) are unfortunately full of bad puns, the October 25th edition of Entertainment Weekly featured a two-page spread on The Two Towers game for Playstation 2 by EA. The article features pics of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli figures, a FotR review of a Tolkien fan (but not gamer), and the obliging Elijah Wood’s comments on his gaming habit and how that worked on the shoot. The game itself got a B+, not a bad rating from EW.

I was unable to find a decent link on the website (which by the bye is advertising the Extended Edition of Fellowship all over the place). Here is an excerpt from the “It’s in the Baggins: LotR Star Elijah Wood Can’t Kick His Gaming Hobbit” by Geoff Keighley:

“”I’m quite the videogame fan,” he [Elijah Wood] cheerfuly admits. “It’s part of my geeky obsession.” To offer proof, Wood proudly cited his recent play-time with games like Eternal Darkness and Halo. He even fesses up to taking his PlayStation to New Zealand for the 15-month LOTR shoot. Unfortunately, it got about as much use as a hobbit show rack: “I plugged [it] into the wall and it burned because I didn’t get a power transformer for it.”