Orangeblossom Brambleburr writes:

“Just an update on the status of Project Elanor, the community service project inspired by Sean Astin’s 9/11 call for participation in the United Day of Service campaign. Since our first announcement of this project on TORN, we have teamed up with national youth literacy charity Reading Is Fundamental Reading is Fundamental and they have formed an action committee to help find a suitable space for us to landscape as a children’s reading garden. We have also received pledges of help during the actual event from over 40 local fans, as well as extensive financial donations and other gifts. Thank you cards to those donors to help will be sent out later this week.

“The best news by far, however, is that our Founder, Victoria Bitter, was able to meet Mr. Astin himself on 9/11 and explain the project to him. He is well-known for being an active supporter of children’s literacy, and his response was enthusiastic. Much to our delight and that of the staff at Reading is Fundamental, Mr. Astin expressed his appreciation for the project, indicating that he would like to support Bit of Earth in this endeavor and even participate in Project Elanor itself!

“In light of Mr. Astin’s generosity, the date remains fluid, as we wish to accommodate his schedule however necessary. Unfortunately, the attempts we have made so far to determine when he would be available have not been returned by his management. With TTT drawing near, we understand that they are likely quite busy, but we are confident that Mr. Astin is a hobbit of his word, and greatly looking forward to seeing this project through to a conclusion worthy of Sam’s own garden!”