Engwar writes: I just wanted to make everyone aware of a LOTR:TTT special that The WB will be airing in December (sounds similar to the FOX special from last year, except that this one will run for 60 min). Below is the text of the press release.

The WB is thrilled to announce that we have secured an exclusive behind-the-scenes, preview special for the year’s most anticipated film: “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.’ This one-hour special is scheduled for air on December 4th in the 8:00 pm time period.

“Return to Middle-Earth” follows the ‘Rings’ celebrated cast as they come back together in New Zealand to shoot additional footage for the upcoming film “The Two Towers.” Each cast member gives their personal take on the arduous three-year shoot and what they took away from this historic film making experience.

The first chapter in the “Rings’ trilogy grossed over $900 million dollars worldwide and became a pop culture phenomenon. The WB and Turner immediately procured the broadcast window to all three films and just like the “Rings” films are a perfect fit for The WB audience, so too is the special.

Viewers will get a chance to know the cast as all members are interviewed, including Ian McKellan, Elijah Wood, Liv Tyler, Orlando Bloom (winner of ‘Breakthrough Performance’ at this year’s MTV Movie Awards for ‘Rings’) and Viggo Mortensen. The WB audience will also be treated to multiple world premiere clips from ‘The Two Towers,’ including an extended look at the films’ climactic battle scene.