They’re lining up in Norway already, according tho this article in Norwegian

We have here a translation thanks to Andraax the Mad:

Emil BC Johannessen and Tom Bentzen have moved in outside Colosseum Cinema. With them, they’ve brought a tent, sleeping bags, something to help keep the heat – and an angled sofa. The last one they refused to sit in last year.

– But this year we’re opting for comfort, they laugh. And they might need it. The weather forecast for Wednesday spells heavy snow over Oslo, and sleep will be scarce for the pair, who might now call themselves number one and two in the line, before others join them.

(Photo subtext: Emil BC Johannessen (left) and Tom Bentzen are number one and two in the line for “LOTR – Two Towers”. Sonja Erlenkamp joined them in sympathy, but had to get back to work.)

It will be worse for Sonja Erlenkamp, who lives close to the cinema, and has been circling around for days to see if anyone got there ahead of her. And someone did.
– It’s always best to be number one, two or three. If you’re number four, you’ll get no benefits, says Erlenkamp, dressed from head to toe in Arwenian warclothing.

To the last detail.
– I’ve got Arwen-dresses as well, and I’ve worked hard on the hairpin. Liv Tyler sports one in the movie, but you only catch a glimpse of it, she says and shows us a beautiful, splendidly crafted silver hairpin. Erlenkamp, however, must abandon the fort – she’s got a job to attend to, before she can get in line.

But the point isn’t who you’re supposed to look like, the costumes are meant to say something about “the spirit”.

(Photo subtext: Already slightly tinted on the nose, but tonight they’ll get power for their cooking-plate, cell phones and cassette player with the soundtrack from the first movie)

Experienced liners
Tom Bentzen and Emil BC Johannessen, on the other hand, are experienced movie-liners.

– This will be line number four, says Tom and Emil. The two previous being the “Star Wars”-premieres and the first “Lord Of The Rings”-movie. The Oslo cinematographers weren’t expecting them until the end of the week, but worked up a treat on Monday.

On Monday, number one, two and three were treated to a special showing of the “Two Towers”-trailer. Later today, they’ll get power for their cooking-plate, and an arrangement for lavatorial errands will be worked out.

In addition, the Oslo cinematographers invite them to dinner on Monday night, as a small appreciation of the started effort.

– These are guys who know lines, smiles marketing advisor Tore Gutu. He joined the big Star Wars-line a few years back himself, and experienced a “terrific spirit”.

Confident in Jackson.
The last time Tom and Emil queued up for “LOTR – FOTR”, they were very anxious as to how the movie worked out. This time around, though, they put full trust in director Peter Jackson.

– They all say this movie is bigger and better, says Tom Bentzen with great anticipation. Now he’s going to freeze with his mate for two weeks, until the sale starts 4.november. Then he’ll have to wait another month and a half until the movie premieres 18.december.