Who: Black Label Games (Check out some screen shots from Black Label Games’ LOTR games here), Publishers of the video games based on the books and Surreal Software (The first seven screen shots are from their PS2 game), developers of The Fellowship of the Ring for Playstation 2 and PC. Current confirmed guests are:

Jeff Everett (Fellowship of the Ring Producer at Black Label)
Cliff Broadway (Tolkien Marketing Consultant and TheOneRing.net Staffer)
Andrew Shiozaki (Marketing Product Manager)
Members of the Surreal Development Team
More guests TBD

When: Friday, October 18th 9:00 pm EDT, 6:00 PDT.

Where: The room #Havens on TheOneRing.net’s IRC server irc.theonering.net. Instructions on how to connect can be found here. You can also chat using your browswer with java here.

How the chat works: This will be a moderated chat, so when it begins only the guests and moderators will be able to speak. If you have a question for the guests, PM (Private Message) one of the co-moderators. You send a PM by double clicking on their name or by typing /msg , where is you type their name, and where is you type the message. Nothing too complicated :). The co-moderators will gather the questions, and pass on select ones for the head moderator, that’s me, to go through, I’ll then pick the questions to ask. After the Q&A session is over, the guests will be invited to stick around, and the room will be un-moderated, so everyone will get to talk. This is your chance to chat with the guests.