To all those countless Ringers bugged by the questions about the trailer music: Lady Kenobi has done thema great service – listen to this:

“Your readers may find this of interest . . . I’ve spent the last couple of months putting together all I know about source music used in the Lord of the Rings trailers, from the first Internet Preview to the latest Two Towers one (with that interesting remix from Requiem for a Dream). The result is located at AudibleBeauty Using some simple online investigating and my two ears I have figured out what bit of music goes where in each trailer.

“It was because of the intriguing music used in the early LOTR trailers that I started noticing how most movie trailers use music from a whole variety of other movies. My favorite lately is seeing how many places I can catch music from Gladiator. Wonder when we’ll start hearing Howard Shore’s scores adding a little something to future trailers…”