From: Irascian

Previews October 2002, the comic shop’s catalog on sale at all good comic book stores, has details of a couple of forthcoming publications that TTT fans will want to get their hands on!

Previews has the following to say:

“Cinefex #92. Featuring The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers! New Zealand director Peter Jackson returns with the second film instalment in J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic trilogy about a fellowship of hobbits, wizards, dwarfs, elves and men who battle the forces of darkness to destroy the One Ring and preserve Middle Earth. Weta Digital, which won the visual effects oscar for the first film, turns its attention to creating the epic-scale battle of Helm’s Deep, the assault on the fortress Isengard by the Ent tree beings, and an all-digital character of great dramatic range, Gollum. Magazine. $9.50”.

“Memorabilia #8. If you want it come and get it! The Lord of the Rings merchandise is set to become the hottest thing in collecting. This issue shows you the coolest Two Towers gear. Magazine (Lord of the Rings photo cover). 84pg. $5.99”

“Inquest Gamer #93. Get exclusive Lord of the Rings coverage in our Two Towers Big Movie issue. Our ultimate “Lord of the Rings Nitpicker’s Guide” covers both the films along with the Decipher card game. Learn why Sauron orcs won’t be in “The Two Towers”. Review specific details in the films like Legolas’ walk above the snow in Caradhras scene and how the Cave Troll was different from the book. We run through everything and point out all the hings you might have missed. Magazine (Lord of the Rings photo cover) $4.99”