Neturina writes: As others I was baffeled by the new TTTTrailer, one of the things that realy
blew me away was the way Gollum looked. I noticed he looked much, much better an detailed than before. I took some screenshots from the teaser trailer and the full trailer and started to combine the two. A few things I’ve noticed:

-First of all they colour-corrected the entire shot, look for instance at Sam’s head and feet, they’re more blue-ish.

-Second, the position of Gollums body has changed: he stretches his arm more downward and his right hand is now resting on a rock next to him instead of behind him.

-Thirdly we can see that Gollum must have received some serious whipping between the teaser and the trailer, look what those WETA-guys did to him!

Look at the stripes on his back and the way we now can see his veins and bones through his skin. His hand and hair also look a lot more detailed and realistic!

We can assume that this shot is finished now but to those who think the Ents, Wargs and other Gollum-shots don’t look as good as they could look, just wait for the movie. It’s clear that the WETA-people aren’t quickly satisfied and that’s ofcours a good thing!

I’ve attached a jpg-file in which you can see the differences I pointed out, hope you find it interesting. [More]