The folks at send along this bit of upsetting news, seems Viggo has been overwhelmed with letters and cards that he has to resign to stop answering them all together…sad

This from a man I have yet to meet, but I’ve heard is one of the most gentle and soft-spoken people you can meet. Considering he’s got a massive multi-million dollar trilogy of blockbusters under his belt, a ton of amazing other films, is an accomplished photographer and student of the arts…you’d think he’d have a bigger head and small heart, apparently nothing can be further from the truth. I can only assume his decision was not an easy one to come to, and fans all around the world can’t blame him for giving up, sometimes fan mail can be TOO much!

Stay tuned for our EXCLUSIVE interview with Viggo Mortensen while he was in NYC recently, and another video from his LA event! Viggo-mania hits torn!

A message from Viggo:

Over the years I have made the effort to read and answer every piece of fan mail that I received. Lately, however, the volume of mail has increased significantly making it practically impossible to keep up with it all and to respond to each piece personally. Although I am grateful for the favorable response that those of us involved in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy have had, it is simply become a bit overwhelming. I find that I have little or no time left for other pursuits and have little free time left for art projects or for spending time with friends and family.

Therefore, as I do not wish to have mail answered for me by others, I have no choice but to say that I will no longer be accepting fan mail after October 31, 2002.

Please do not send anymore letters or cards as it will not be answered. I will, however, continue to honor requests for autographs in person as I have always done.

I thank you for your support and kind thoughts.