holbytla writes: Thought you’d like to know that the November issue of Inquest Gamer has an awesome, 5-page preview of Decipher’s TTT TCG core set. The article details new cultures, key cards, and new strategies, plus a look at what becomes less important in TTT (virtually no Ringwraiths, and no Moria orcs at all, of course, since those don’t appear again after FOTR).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner to send you pics of the article, but here’s the intro written by the IQ Gamer staff:

Headline: “Lord of the Rings’ second core set releases Treebeard, a souped-up Eowyn and two new evil races on Middle-earth”

Text: “Shut down the Goblin Armory, cardfloppers. Kiss Arwen good-night. Send your Black Riders home for the holidays. We’re headed on a road trip to Rohan and Entwood.

“Just in time to whet your appetite for December’s movie release, next month Decipher’s The Two Towers expansion promises shots from the upcoming flick and tons of new strategy to boot. Three new cultures — one good, two bad — and Treebeard are making their cardboard debuts.

“To prepare you for the new LotR tourney scene, we’ve ridden with the Rohirrim, pillaged with the Southron and Easterling raiders and lived off rock with the Dunlendings. Here’s what’s new in Middle Earth …”

The magazine also notes that the set does not include Sauron orcs or Gollum because the images were held to prevent movie spoilers.