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This arena is at the very core of the TWO TOWERS TCG experience. Here you will be able immerse yourself in the latest lore and strategy tips, understand how this format will expand the playability of the game and view/download card packaging, articles from the designers and new card images such as TREEBEARD, EOWYN and an all new THE ONE RING!

So please click here to begin your journey into the incredible world of the TWO TOWERS TCG from Decipher, Inc.

But wait…there’s more! How about a few more spoilers? Continuing from the last recently posted spoiler list, here are spoilers 6-10:

SPOILER 6: Dwarven
Gimli, Unbidden Guest
2 Twilight Cost
Dwarven Culture
Companion, Dwarf
Strength = 6
Vitality = 3
Gandalf Signet
4 C 49
Damage +1.
Skirmish: Exert Gimli to make an unbound companion strength +1 (or +2 if that companion is Legolas).
“But a small dark figure that none had observed sprang out of the shadows and gave a hoarse shout: Baruk Kazad!”

SPOILER 7: Dwarven
Khazad Ai-menu
1 Twilight Cost
Dwarven Culture
4 C 51
Skirmish: Make a Dwarf strength +2 (or strength +3 and damage +1 if you spot Legolas).
“‘The Orcs are behind the wall. Ai-ou! Come, Legolas! There are enough for both of us.'”

SPOILER 8: Elven
1 Twilight Cost
Elf Culture
To play, spot 3 Elves. Bearer must be a companion.
Regroup: Discard this possession to reconcile your hand.
“Sam thought that it tasted far better, somehow, than it had for a good while…”

SPOILER 9: Elven
Elven Sword
1 Twilight Cost
Elf Culture
Possession, Hand Weapon
+1 Strength
Bearer must be an Elf.
Skirmish: Exert bearer or discard 2 cards from hand to make a minion skirmishing bearer strength -1.
Fine blades forged by Elven smiths are centuries-old heirlooms.

SPOILER 10: Gondor
Faramir’s Bow
1 Twilight Cost
Gondor Culture
Possession, Ranged Weapon
4 R 118
Bearer must be Faramir.
He is an archer.
Skirmish: If Faramir is Skirmishing a Man or a roaming minion, exert Faramir to wound that minion.
“‘Were I as hasty as you, I might have slain you long ago.'”

More to come!

Lao of Gondor