Well LOTR TCG fans…it’s spoiler time again for THE TWO TOWERS TCG. After reading this new list, you will no doubt understand that the game will definitely be more intriguing, more intense and more involved than the “Fellowship of the Ring” and its expansions.

But enough of my jaw-jacking! Here’s the list. Salivate and enjoy!

SPOILER 1: Isengard
Weapons of Isengard
2 Twilight Cost
Isengard Culture
4 R 211
Machine. Plays to your support area.
Shadow: Play an (Isengard) archer to place an (Isengard) token on this card.
Archery: Remove 2 (Isengard) tokens from this card to make the minion
archery total +2. Discard this condition.
Crossbowmen arrived with munitions from Isengard.

SPOILER 2: Shire
Warmed Up a Bit
0 Twilight Cost
Shire Culture
4 C 322
Skirmish: Discard an unbound Hobbit.
“‘…we shall be able to stand again, and walk.'”

Deeping Wall
Site 5(t)
Shadow Number = 7
Battleground. Shadow: Play Saruman from your draw deck.

Had Enough Yet? It gets even better…

SPOILER 4: Raider
Southron Wanderer
3 Twilight Cost
Raider Culture
Minion, Man
8 Strength
2 Vitality
4 Site Number
4 C 258
Southron. Ambush (1)
Assignment: Exert this minion and spot 5 companions to assign this minion to
the Ring-bearer. The Free Peoples player may add (4) to prevent this.
Some desert warriors have no allegiance and work for any factions that will
pay them.

SPOILER 5: Gondor
Boromir, My Brother
0 Twilight Cost
Gondor Culture
+1 Vitality
4 R 111
Bearer must be Faramir.
Skirmish: Discard a (Gondor) card from hand to make a Ring-bound Man
strength +1.
“‘Where is thy horn? Whither goest thou? O Boromir! But he was gone.'”

Yes…I know exactly how your brain feels about now.

More to come…

Lao of Gondor