New League Program — Race To Mount Doom™ — To Launch in November Presents Exciting Twist on TCG for In-Store and At-Home Play

(Norfolk, VA, September 26, 2002) — This November, Decipher will launch the Race To Mount Doom—The Two Towers™, an all-new league program offering The Lord of the Rings™ TCG players a completely new way to play their favorite game, while providing retailers with everything they need to develop an active player community. Plus, through a specially designed home version, The Lord of the Rings™ TCG players will be able to continue this unique gameplay experience beyond their weekly retail “clubhouse” visit, allowing them to recreate the “Race” experience with friends and family at home.

According to Dan Bojanowski, Organized Play Coordinator for the Decipher Game Management Authority (DGMA), the Race to Mount Doom will be challenging enough for experienced competitive players while remaining a fun stepping-stone for beginner, non-tournament-level players.

How it works: Players will gather for Race Night. They each will play two games in a tournament-like environment, progressing along the Race Path towards Mount Doom. The more games they win, the quicker they’ll advance. However, win or lose, every game that is played will add points to their overall cumulative score. The Race Path itself provides for an exciting new twist on gameplay. As players progress along the Path, they will have to modify their strategies and deck design based on the text of the site they are currently on. This text could provide a benefit for the player or become a challenge they must overcome. Every game will be different since each player will be uniquely affected by the gametext at his or her respective position within the Race. The Race, which will lasts approximately eight to ten weeks for the in-store version, will be completed when one player reaches the end of the Race Path — at Mount Doom.

The Race to Mount Doom will not come to an end with the finish of the first Race, however. Thanks to the League Kit’s innovative reusability and the introduction of static clings and a customizable wipe-off wall mat and marker, the Race can be re-invented by the players over and over again. Plus, with multiple Race Path variations included, the Race organizer can launch a new Race with the purchase of additional prizes through the Race to Mount Doom Expansion Kit. Even after all the Race Path variations are used up, players can continue to customize the Race by inventing their own Race Path with the wipe-off mat and marker.

Players will be rewarded with prizes throughout the Race. In the retail store version, a foil card will be awarded each Race Night, while a collectible “culture” pin will be awarded to both the first- and second-place winners at the end of each Race. Finally, Race participants will elect one player as “Best Sportsman.” This person will also receive a collectible “culture” pin. Exclusive foil cards of “Faramir” and “Éowyn” will be included in each of the three Race To Mount Doom kits.

“Both competitive and non-tournament level players will love the customizability of this new League program. It is unlike anything available in league play today. Players will be able create all-new experiences by developing their own game text for the Race Path, which will affect gameplay in very much the same way as the Adventure Path does to the game itself,” Bojanowski said. “With the introduction of the Race Home Kit, players can create their very own ‘weekly poker night’ using The Lord of the Rings™ TCG as their game of choice. Or, they can get together and play one game after another until they finish up the Race in one marathon Lord of the Rings™ TCG weekend.”

The Race To Mount Doom — Two Towers Base Kit will contain:

· Instruction Manual providing instructions in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish

· Wall mat featuring Customizable Race Path, Players’ Progress and Top 5 Players

· Static cling sheet to customize gametext on Race Path wall mat

· Wipe-off Marker

· 12 Foil Cards for Weekly Prizes*

· 3 Collectible Metal “Culture” Pins for End-of-Race Prizes*

· Exclusive “Faramir” and “Éowyn” Foil Cards

*The Race To Mount Doom Home Kit will contain all contents other than asterisked items.

The Race To Mount Doom — The Two Towers Base Kit will be sold to retailers through Decipher and participating distributors beginning in October, allowing for Races to kick off in stores in early November and coinciding with the worldwide release of The Two Towers™ set on November 6. Retailers will be able to purchase the Race To Mount Doom League Kits for US $30 and the Expansion Kit for US $20. This expansion kit includes an additional 12 foil cards as well as three collectible culture pins for prize support. The Home Kit will be available for US $15 MSRP in retail stores and through the Decipher Online Store beginning in November.

The highly-anticipated second installment of the trilogy from New Line Cinema, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, will premiere in December 2002. For more information about The Lord of the Rings trilogy, go to