Greetings Lord of the Rings TCG fans! The countdown to the release of THE TWO TOWERS expansion has begun! On November 6th, 2002 Decipher, Inc. will officially release The Two Towers – a 365 card expansion set which is no doubt – the most anticipated card game expansion to date!

Kyle Heuer, Promotions Coordinator for Decipher, Inc. has summarized the release in this very exciting report:

“Here is a list of all the products that will be coming out for The Two Towers on November 6 (unless you are going to DecipherCon where we will be pre-releasing The Two Towers):

63-card Starter Decks: $10.99 USD
Aragorn/Dunland and Theodin/Isengard will be the deck themes.

Deluxe Starter Deck: $20.00 USD
Gandalf/Raider theme deck, an 11-card Booster Pack, and glass tokens.

There are three different boxes for the Deluxe Starters. Elf, Isengard, and Rohan.

11-card Booster Pack: $3.29 USD
1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 7 common cards in every pack.
A foil will replace a common card in every sixth pack on average.

We are also investigating the possibility of doing additional products, but we aren’t ready to make those announcements just yet :)”

And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: Here is the first of many spoilers which will hopefully “wet your appetite” for the new cultures, mechanincs and strategies of THE TWO TOWERS TCG:

Today’s card comes to us from the ever lovable SHIRE culture.

Pippin, Just a Nuisance
1 Twilight
Shire Culture
Companion, Hobbit
Strength – 3
Vitality – 4
Gandalf Signet
(card numbers and rarity have not yet been assigned)

Skirmish: If Pippin is not assigned to a skirmish, discard him to remove an Uruk-hai from a skirmish involving an unbound companion.

“‘What good have I been?… a passenger, a piece of luggage.'”

“Cool card, first you can stealth your Pippin along the first part of the site path, then you can discard him to stealth for your other companions the rest of the way. Then you can play Pippin again next turn and do it again.” – Kyle Heuer

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More to come…stay tuned!

Lao of Gondor