Yahweh70 writes: Sala Baker (Sauron) was in a line of people signing autographs, sat next to Ray Park (Darth Maul etc) and Temeura (sp?) Morrison (Jango Fett (he showed up around mid-afternoon)). By the time I got to the show, there were queues for Morrison and Park, but nothing really for Sala, unfortunately. I asked him which scenes he was Lurtz in FOTR. He said he didn’t like to be known as Lurtz as it was really only 2 scenes where he played Lurtz, Lawrence was Lurtz 99% of the time. A few people managed to get the odd Lurtz figure signed by him, but he said he didn;’t feel right about it.

He had a few photos available, and a mini-poster of the TTT poster (1-sheet design). Saturday should be a very busy day for everyone. Even Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) had very slow periods. At a show in Birmingham in March, he had huge crowds, and he was charging more then!

FWIW, Sala’s scenes as Lurtz were the run out of Isengard with the Uruk Hai and one hunting scene. He said that pre-LOTR he was a stunt man.