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Universal’s XBOX/PS2 LOTR Game Details!

September 12, 2002 at 12:58 am by xoanon  - 

Click here to see over 30 screenshots from the PlayStation 2 Game!

Click here to see over 20 images from the XBOX game!

Publisher: Black Label Games, a studio of Vivendi Universal Games

Platforms/Developers: PlayStation2 computer entertainment system: Surreal Software, Seattle, WA
Xbox video game system from Microsoft: WXP, Seattle, WA

Category: Action-adventure

Pricing and Availability: MSRP TBD, To be released fourth quarter 2002.

ESRB Rating: Pending (Anticipated Teen)

Overview/Storyline: The Fellowship of the Ring is a single-player action-adventure game featuring Frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn. It is based on the first part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic novel “The Lord of the Rings.” From the peaceful lands of the Shire through the darkness of Moria, to the River Anduin, the player must gather the Fellowship and protect the One Ring from the Dark Lord Sauron.


· Story unfolds true to the best-selling novels by J.R.R. Tolkien.

· Following the adventures of Frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn, each with special means to overcome obstacles.

· Increasingly-challenging combat – as the game progresses encounter 28 types of enemies from roaming monsters to menacing “boss” creatures that possess varying degrees of intelligence and behavior.

· Explore The One Ring, Stealth, Distraction, and Magic Use to discover, avoid, or create special events and encounters.

· In the Xbox game, environmental and varied special effects including spell effects for Gandalf, dynamic shadows, volumetric fog, specular highlights, and environmental maps.

· Use of the One Ring – Unleash the power of the most powerful artifact in Middle Earth, but at what price?

Posted in Old Special Reports on September 12, 2002 by

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